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Car Con Carne

Nov 27, 2018

Chicago indie band the Inventors joins me for encased meats from the underrated Hot Dog Station (4742 N Kimball Ave, Chicago, IL 60625). Before they played a phenomenal version of their new song ("Apartment"), we chatted about:

  • The Inventors' show on 11/30 at the Underground Lounge (GO SEE THEM!)
  • The Inventors history, dating back to high school: "We found the couple (of friends) we liked, and stuck together."
  • Less than a year after their last album, they're ready to go with a new one. THEY NEVER STOP INVENTING.
  • The fantastic Inventors song "10s & 9s," from where the band's first album title ("Counting Backwards") came from.
  • Band motto: "Keep it simple, stupid."
  • "Beautiful": The new song and video 
  • The new album is self-titled for a reason.
  • The Inventors' homecoming, playing a show in their hometown.
  • The new song "Apartment" sounded A-MAZE-ING when they played it live in my car.

Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston