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Car Con Carne

Jun 5, 2023

Karen and Ivan of Bellhead join me for hot dogs from Herm’s Palace in Skokie (3406 Dempster).


The new EP, “Good Intentions” is fantastic, and we focus a lot on those songs. We also talk about tour stories (including Nazis and warring comic book shops!), merch concepts and a close encounter with the...

Jun 2, 2023

FAN EXPO Chicago celebrates its 51-year history with an event that brings tons of pop culture heroes to the Donald E. Stephen Convention Center from August 10-13.


I talk about this year’s event with two of the main people behind it: Andrew Moyes (VP of FAN EXPO HQ) and Betty Waypa (Director of Content, FAN EXPO HQ)....

Jun 1, 2023

Today's Snack comes from The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band. "Magazine Pages" is the first single from the new six-track album, "A Problematic Opera," and it rocks.

TAFKAVince features Vince SanFilippo on vocals and guitar, Lauren Kurtz on vocals, Brian Chinino on drums, percussion and backing vocals, Chris Geisler...

Jun 1, 2023

Graham Bonnet’s voice is a singular force in rock and roll. You can hear the power and muscle in his singing through his time in Rainbow, Alcatrazz, MSG and so many more bands. Most recently, he put out the age-defying hard rock monster “Day Out in Nowhere,” an album that checks all the boxes for fans of his...

May 23, 2023

¾ of Chicago area pop-punk band Fluorescents (Tyler, Bobby, Sasquel) join me for a chat outside Gene & Jude’s.


Over hot dogs, we talk about their upcoming show at Cobra Lounge (6/2), as well as:


*Their “ripping” cover of “Party in the USA”

*Band history

*The eerie thing that all their new songs have...