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Car Con Carne

Jan 18, 2022

The members of legendary Chicago band NAKED RAYGUN join the show to talk about their new release, “Over the Overlords,” their history, and why Styx, Cheap Trick and Rise Against should fear them.

Appearing on this episode: Jeff Pezzati, Eric Spicer, Bill Stephens, Fritz Doreza and NR manager Lou Lombardo.


Jan 11, 2022

From Fat Nut to the Rolling Stones, Double Door has been one of Chicago’s premiere music venues.


In a city that’s arguably overpacked with live music venues, there are a few whose names stand above the list. Double Door’s one of them; the venue opened in Wicker Park in 1994 and quickly became one of the most...

Jan 7, 2022

Urge Overkill entered the 90s as one of Chicago’s coolest, most exciting, and riff-delivering bands. They were the band other bands wanted to hang with… they opened for Nirvana on the Nevermind tour… opened for Pearl Jam on the Vs. Tour… and their songs were all over the radio. Sister Havana, Positive...

Dec 31, 2021

Touched By Ghoul is one of Chicago’s more celebrated independent bands, and they recently delivered their much delayed and anticipated second album, “Cancel the World.”

They join me tonight… just about 24 hours before headlining Liar’s Club for New Years Eve!

Tonight's show is sponsored by Buona. Take 10% off...

Dec 29, 2021

This week marks the return of a Car Con Carne favorite: Dr. Daryl Wilson! Daryl’s the frontman of the long-running Chicago punk institution the Bollweevils (new album out next year!). Dr. Daryl is also a real doctor, so we get into a lot of his experiences and philosophies in this episode.


We covered a lot of...