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Car Con Carne

Apr 24, 2019

Alex Ross is one of the most celebrated artists in the history of comic books; his breathtaking painted covers and interiors are simply unmatched. He breathes life into every character he puts on the page, showing us what these characters would look like if they actually walked among us.

I've been lucky to...

Apr 23, 2019

Singer/songwriter and Smashing Pumpkins keyboardist Katie Cole met me at the wonderful Haymarket Pub & Brewery (737 W. Randolph, Chicago) for food and conversation.

She was in town to play Haymarket the following night, and you'll hear us plug the show. You'll also hear us discuss:

  • Michael from Haymarket hand...

Apr 14, 2019

The War on Peace (Grahm, Steven and Jeremy) returns to Car Con Carne for another hard-to-believe-it-was-done-in-a-car performance! They previewed the new song "High School" from the forthcoming EP, "Mutual Destruction" and joined me for fabulous Tacos Al Pastor from Taqueria Moran.

See The War on Peace May 17h at...

Apr 11, 2019


This week, I go for tacos with Chicago punk band Vortis (Louie Calvano, Jim DeRogatis, Tony Tavano).

Jim's more famously known as co-host of the nationally syndicated "Sound Opinions" show, a celebrated music critic and author of several exemplary music-related books. Jim and I go waaaay back. We first...

Apr 5, 2019

Robyn Hitchcock is unique by any estimation. It's not just his songwriting, lyrics, world view and effortless charisma... it's also that he's managed to release consistently solid music for decades, up through and beyond 2017's self-titled album. This is wholly anomalous in the industry. I mean, even the Stones...