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Car Con Carne

Oct 1, 2022

The music photography of Paul Natkin has, for decades, been the gold standard for how musicians should be captured on film. It's been a long time coming, but Paul's most iconic and interesting work is finally collected in a gorgeous coffee table book, "Natkin: The Moment of Truth."


We talk about the book,...

Sep 20, 2022

Smashed Plastic provides an essential service to the fans and interviewees of Car Con Carne, as the only record pressing facility in the state of Illinois. 


Smashed Plastic has put together a massive live music/record show event on October 1: Smashed Plastic Live Vol. 1. Joining me to talk about the must-attend...

Sep 18, 2022

Phil, Dan and Chris from reunited Chicago band Treaty of Paris talked with Car Con Carne after their set on Day Three of Riot Fest 2022. Among the many things discussed… new music is on the way! Also, the music will be so good, you’ll someday wear diapers while listening to it. (That will make more sense when you...

Sep 18, 2022

Chicago band Night Spice kicked off the Radicals stage on Day Three of Riot Fest, and Kevin Singleton from the band came by after their set to talk about the amazing year they’ve had… and the fact that Kevin swallowed a bee (!) early in today’s performance.

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Sep 18, 2022

Photographer Bobby Talamine is a true pro, and I’ve been circling his orbit for years/decades. I asked him about what the life of a photographer is in a festival situation, and what his strategy is for capturing the most iconic moments possible.

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Now is the time to...