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Car Con Carne

Nov 28, 2020

Let’s talk art. Known for his work as a chef, restaurateur and caterer, George Zak has been heading down a different path this year. He's been quietly woodshedding away on a unique set of paintings that we’re going to show off during the video recording of tonight’s podcast!

Car Con Carne is presented by our...

Nov 24, 2020

“I love the smell of rock and roll burning holes inside my soul”

He is our libertine Lord of Lard… Raymond Watts of <PIG> checks in from overseas, just as his newly-released “PAIN IS GOD” album has taken over all my recreational listening time.

Car Con Carne is presented by Siren Records in McHenry. Fair...

Nov 24, 2020

There’s a time,

When they will win.

There's not an answer,

To every question.

First shot misses.

Wrong War is a new band that spits attitude and punk rock ethos. Their debut, “Fixed Against Forever” is an accomplished, loud, frantic middle finger that announces itself as a soundtrack for anyone who’s ever...

Nov 22, 2020

First to close, last to open.

Local music venues remain in a state of existential peril. CIVL (Chicago Independent Venue League) has put together a live streaming event to raise awareness and funds. The CIVLIZATION CONCERT SERIES kicks off Friday night, and to talk about that, as well as the current situation with...

Nov 22, 2020

Well, here we go… home stretch before Thanksgiving. To talk about Thanksgiving food, Fall food… food, in general… I’ve invited Debbie Sharpe, owner of the Goddess and Grocer, to join me for a rare Saturday night Car Con Carne recording!

Car Con Carne is presented by my favorite record store, Siren Records in...