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Car Con Carne

Jul 18, 2016

BREAKING: A Car Con Carne TV pilot is being worked on as you're reading this. Scott Lucas of super-huge Chicago band Local H joined me for the pilot's first shoot, at BRGRBELLY in Portage Park (truly one of Chicago's best burger joints). This episode is a mostly-unedited audio version of that segment. I had to cut out a big part of the intro, which was mostly played for the camera and had a ton of bag rustling and background noise. Unfortunately, that means the formal introduction to Scott and a lot of our praise for BRGRBELLY hit the podcast cutting room floor. To paraphrase what was said: Scott's my guest and BRGRBELLY rules. Local H is simply one of Chicago's best bands, and Lucas is one of its most talented songwriters. It was a blast eating burgers on camera and on-mic with him. Topics covered in this episode: *The 20th anniversary of the landmark "As Good As Dead" album, and its corresponding tour (the family-friendly "Two Balls and a Dick" tour) *Scott's vegetarianism (his portobello burger was like a "vegetarian steak") *Rock: Led Zeppelin, Rush and the Police *Why Local H is like Genesis (my opinion; not sure he agreed) *Local H's first local arena show, opening for Stone Temple Pilots *Local H's audience ("It's nice to see people happy. You can't underestimate that.") *Scott's favorite Chicago places to play *Scott's favorite Chicago bars to close down I've long said that Car Con Carne is the future of car-based food podcasting. Here's hoping it can also be the future of car-based food television.