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Car Con Carne

Jun 10, 2016

Don't flick your Bic, 'Matches' is in the mix! Translation: Comedic actor Matt Nikkila jumps in the front seat for a trip to Weiner's Circle, the infamous Chicago hot dog joint. Over char dogs, we discuss: *Matt's secret radio past *The disproportionate amount of yoga pants in Lakeview *The thankless nature of "barprov" ("it's a very weird atmosphere. It's very dark. It's very drunk") *The TV pilot for "Fatty," which has Nikkila in the starring role *Chicago's comedy scene *The "Harlem Globetrotters of food" concept for Car Con Carne *Why I had to smuggle Oreos into the car *Delayed gratification *Spandex decision-making: Good judgment? *The war on jorts and cargo shorts Toward the end of the episode, I mention that Matt's someone to watch. Learn more than you could ever want to know about him in this installment of Car Con Carne!