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Car Con Carne

Oct 27, 2021

Artist George Zak is back with new paintings to show off. See them in person at the Liar's Club Spooky Day Kickoff on Thursday 10/28!

Oct 27, 2021

The AAW is back with a massive weekend of live action starting Friday in Berwyn. Providing a preview of what you can expect are AAW play-by-play announcer Tyler Volz and Chicago’s patron saint of pro wrestling fandom, Kevin Kellam.


Don’t sleep on these tickets. See you for the Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament!

Oct 26, 2021

500 Miles to Memphis just released their career best album, “Hard to Love,” and Ryan Malott joins me to talk about it.

We cover a lot of topics: The new album, politics, the music business, the scourge of social media, alcohol use and abuse, watching horror movies while parenting, the appeal of cassettes and...

Oct 23, 2021

Is Wolfden Brewing haunted? There's an awful lot of lore around the 170 year-old house to support that belief. Wolfden GM Kyle Brauch joined me to talk about the unexplained phenomena at Wolfden, as well as the brewery's "Murder Den" pop-up. We also talked about the beer. Can't forget the beer. Visit Wolfden at 112 W....

Oct 19, 2021

His dad’s last name is what might grab your interest, but Eddie Money's son, Dez, is carving his own path.


He’s a singer. A multiinstrumentalist. A reality TV star. And yeah, a guy with pure musical DNA. He joined me tonight to chat about his musical genes, his passion for making videos, and the slow drip way...