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Car Con Carne

Nov 13, 2017

Chicago musician Xoe Wise met me for tacos at El Nuevo Taco Loco in Ravenswood (translation: The New Crazy Taco!). This episode produced by Boost Mobile finds us talking about:

  • Primo Chuki's: Why's that taqueria crawling with people while Nuevo Taco Loco has no customers
  • Xoe's zydeco background. Bon temps rouler!
  • Xoe's musical roots in the deep south
  • Xoe's next gig: 11/15 at Cobra Lounge
  • Xoe's last gig, with Panic Priest
  • Xoe's working relationship with producer extraordinaire Howie Beno
  • Xoe's musical evolution from folk through today, specifically on the new song "Dollhouse"
  • Xoe's homemade hot sauce... which is delicious (and truly hot)
  • The conspicuous exterior of the Boost Mobile-branded Car Con Carne mobile