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Car Con Carne

Jun 11, 2017

This week, Boost Mobile presents Chicago rockabilly/doo-wop/soul band Them Guilty Aces on Car Con Carne. Somehow, I managed to cram four band members and myself into the Mazda 3. Things got a little tricker when the band played two songs (which are utterly fantastic and you'll hear them toward the end of the show).

We recorded this week's show in the parking lot of venerable hot dog joint Gene &  Jude's. We talked about:

  • My confession. There might have been a snack hot dog before the band arrived.
  • Them Guilty Aces history: What got them hooked into rockabilly?
  • How the band knows they're doing a good job on stage.
  • The danger of sport peppers.
  • Their relationship with the Chicago music scene
  • The Boost Mobile Social Media Message of the Week comes from listener Vic! 

And then there are the songs: So. Good.

Stick through the entire show to hear "Jawbreaker" and "Last Straw" ("it's a happy song")!