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Car Con Carne

Feb 14, 2016

"Please tell me there's a napkin in that bag." "This is going to be a good week to get the interiors washed" Death metal comes to Car Con Carne, as Broken Hope founder/guitarist/lyricist Jeremy Wagner jumps in the front seat for a trip to Tacos Del Norte in the far northwest burbs. Over the course of a long (and sometimes NSFW) conversation, we talk about the farm Jeremy donated to animal rescue, his buying the late Jeff Hanneman's (Slayer) guitars, the secret of death metal vocals ("to the layman on the street... they quickly dismiss it"), the value of "snack hot dogs" and "snack tacos," and what is... the VANOSDOL TACO? Also, we call my friend Chris on the Bluetooth hotline. He's a serious Broken Hope fan, so I thought it would be cool to connect him with Jeremy. And yes, Jeremy's planning on creating the death metal version of "Thriller." Fear not.