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Car Con Carne

Oct 31, 2019

Jason Narducy (Bob Mould, Split Single, Superchunk, Verbow, Verboten, Jason and Alison, so much more) met me for conversation and THE MOTHERLOAD at City Barbeque in Park Ridge (123 N Northwest Pkwy, Park Ridge, IL 60068). City Barbeque basically set us up with one of everything. I'm still wrestling with the meat sweats as I type this.

Advance warning: Verboten: The Musical is opening January 26th at the Chopin Theatre!

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Discussed this week:

  • The similarities between my car and Jason's grandmother's car.
  • The first time Jason and I met. No way would he remember.
  • Bob Mould's Riot Fest set, and the things that made it special to Jason.
  • What makes Guided By Voices tick? It's beer.
  • The lasting impact of Bob Mould's "Workbook" album.
  • Bob Mould is going to rage to his grave.
  • Bob Mould's band doesn't practice? Seriously?
  • Our friendship is at "tin shareable" level.
  • The mythology of Jason's first band, Verboten, has grown into something epic.
  • The correlation between Jason and Dave Grohl.
  • Mike Mills is playing on the new Split Single album. MIKE FREAKING MILLS. Jason: "I was obviously thrilled that he said (he'd play on the album)."
  • The first time Jason played in front of Mike Mills was awkward.
  • What the future holds for Jason.