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Car Con Carne

Oct 22, 2018

This week, finds the Mazda at the House of Torment Haunted House in Morton Grove (8240 Austin Ave, Morton Grove, IL 60053). The excellent Chicago band The Burst and Bloom joined me for the terror, and an in-car performance of "Counting" that will haunt you (Get it? Heh.).

Discussed on this week's show:

  • Santi opted for the "VIP experience" at House of Torment, which involved him getting strapped into a wheelchair for close to 10 minutes. He loved it!
  • We LOVED the haunted house, especially "The Shadowrealm: Slenderman."
  • "My hands are really sweaty."
  • I had a very wholesome verbal reaction to the haunted house.
  • Burst & Bloom history
  • Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studio is "like a playground."
  • The forthcoming Burst & Bloom album (attention cool labels: Put this out.)
  • This podcast has no food, except for a bag of Cherry Sours (I love them).
  • That performance of "Counting": AMAZING.