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Car Con Carne

Oct 13, 2019

This week, Car Con Carne crosses over with the "Make Us a Mixtape" podcast, hosted by comedians Paul Faravhar and Marty DeRosa. The premise is simple: Their weekly guest makes them a 5-song mixtape and they collectively talk about the tape, song by song. I chose "Chicago music" as my theme. Here's what we talked about this week, over food from Big & Littles:

  • Paul says Portillo's makes the best Chicago burger. Marty: "(Picking Portillo's as the best) is a coward's move."
  • The art of crafting a mixtape.
  • The tyranny of "Make Us a Mixtape"s rules.
  • Guilty pleasures: Are they bullshit?
  • How do you eat your food? One item at a time?
  • My love of Kuma's.
  • My first playlist created for this episode, which was rejected.
  • The quintessential Chicago band when I was young: Naked Raygun.
  • The appeal of "album play" concerts.
  • Paul doesn't know his Adam Ant history. I assigned him homework.
  • The 90s in Chicago music.
  • Paul blames record companies for shitty music.
  • Indie rock is alive and well in Chicago.
  • Guitars are alive and well in Chicago.
  • James: "I hate Lollapalooza." Paul (shocked): "WHY?"
  • Paul likes going to Lollapalooza to hang out in the VIP section.
  • Paul: "Do you remember the band Live?" James: (inaudible eye roll)
  • "I know a lot of recovering Limp Bizkit fans"
  • The charm of AM Taxi, and their emergence from the suburban scene.
  • The best concert I ever saw... it was a whiiiiiiile ago.
  • Paul thought mosh pits started in the 90s.
  • Metro is clearly the best rock club.
  • I wasn't young enough or punk enough for Fireside shows.
  • The legacy of Wesley Willis.
  • Rock over London, Rock on Chicago!
  • Paul made a post-break-up mix tape for an ex. Marty and I understand that as being a fucked up move.
  • Counting Crows completely fucking suck.
  • Paul: "You have to admit that at the time, (Counting Crows)... " Me: "No." Paul: "They were the biggest thing.... " James: "No."