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Car Con Carne

Dec 7, 2016

This week's mouth watering food comes courtesy of the Carnivale Food Truck ( With Chicago band-on-the-cusp My Gold Mask (Jack and Gretta) in the back seat, Carnivale's Chef Rodolfo sits shotgun to talk about the food we're eating. Episode highlights/points of conversation: *Chef Rodolfo rained delicious food down on the car: "This is like Christmas over here" *Chicago's food truck regulations and what they mean to the local food truck business *The thought process between picking the food truck menu *The difference between disco fries in the 70s and disco fries in the 10s *The "comfort food" aspect of Carnivale's menu *Carnivale's rooftop garden and bee hives: Perfect location for a My Gold Mask video? *Why food trucks are like marijuana *My Gold Mask's upcoming show at Empty Bottle (12/9) *My Gold Mask is so close to breaking big, it won't be long before I won't be able to book them into my car for an interview *The new album ("Anxious Utopia"), and how it crystallizes the band's sound *My Gold Mask history: How they started organically and continue to create in that spirit *Gretta likes bees and cocktails *My Gold Mask's love for all music and passion for new music I also spill all over my new coat. I'm nothing, if not predictable.