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Car Con Carne

Aug 1, 2016

You're going to be blown away by this episode's in-car performance. No fair skipping ahead to hear it! Nathan Graham, frontman of Chicago band the Lucky Dutch, jumps in the front seat for a visit to Red Hot Ranch (2072 N. Western). Before he pulls out his guitar, we talk about: *Why he was kicked out a band before he was in the Lucky Dutch *Starting and growing the Lucky Dutch *Playing SXSW *Putting out the latest album, "Cadillac Coffin," on vinyl *Berating strangers on the streets of Chicago: "We're still kind of the murder capital of the world" *Our mutual love of horror movies *Batman and Batgirl "doing it" Hot dogs and conversation out of the way, Nathan delivers a blistering performance of the Lucky Dutch song "Giving Up." So. Good.