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Car Con Carne

Sep 3, 2017

Mike Reidy and Karen Righeimer from W.O.R.M.(World Organization of the Righteous Movement) meet me at Village Inn in Skokie (8050 Lincoln Avenue) for a podcast episode that includes a live performance and a visit from Village Inn Managing Partner, Desi Mulingbayan.

Covered this week:

  • Village Inn is "a lovely place (in) a lovely community."
  • W.O.R.M. history.
  • The first song I played on my 21st birthday ties back to W.O.R.M.
  • W.O.R.M.'s opening for Pigface's anniversary show last year.
  • How Karen's aggressiveness got her the bass gig with the band
  • The correct pronunciation of "ukulele."
  • Mike's a "backseat artist."
  • The beauty of old school bar fights.
  • Karen dressed for the occasion.
  • Desi and I are both Niles West High School alums; we were both "Indians" before someone in the school district realized the mascot was offensive
  • The Village Inn menu: Over 100 items?
  • Karen's realization of Village Inn's awesomeness: "There's a bar??"