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Car Con Carne

Jun 1, 2016

I've had this one "in the can" for a while, waiting to launch it simultaneously with Yak Channel. My timing was a little off. Okay, a lot off. Regarding online harassment, multimedia journalist/star Amy Guth had been told to "suck it up" for too long. She was simply unwilling to reconcile comments like, "Hey, you're a pretty lady. Get off of Twitter if you can't hang." She successfully crowdfunded a documentary about women and underrepresented voices, online civility, harassment and abuse, and she talks about her motivations and concerns in this episode. She doesn't have a name the documentary yet, which leads me to humbly recommend "This S*** is F****** Horrifying." And some of the stories truly are. Ever heard of doxing? Swatting? She explains. And her experiences would suggest her time learning Krav Maga was well-spent. The food destination this week is Scone City (1632 W. Divison): Take me down to the Scone City, where the scones are good and the coffee's pretty... Here's a sample of the food-related discussion: Amy Guth: "I like to eat super-healthy food." Me: "Me too." (pause) "Hahahaha."