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Car Con Carne

Dec 30, 2022

Tony, Louie and Jim of Vortis return to Car Con Carne to talk about their excellent new garage/punk record (in mono!), “The Miasmic Years.”
Covered in this episode:
*The accuracy of the new album title.
*The mind-blowing inspiration for their song “COVID Blues.”
*Being a politically-charged band in the 20s: How do you reach beyond the ‘converted?’
*Challenges of being a DIY band today, as opposed to when Vortis started many years ago.
*Where do the lyrics come from?
*Why “The Miasmic Years” is the best music deal for consumers, by far (seriously).
The men of Vortis are smart, funny and have a lot to say. I hope you enjoy the chat, and check out “The Miasmic Years!”
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