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Car Con Carne

Mar 10, 2019

It's local band mayhem as representatives from three bands cram in the Mazda outside the fantastic Two Brothers Roundhouse (205 N Broadway, Aurora, IL 60505). I'm joined this week by:

Zak from Sleeping Under 47
Caitlin Edwards of Caitlin Edwards
Adam and Zach from Blind Adam and the Federal League

All three artists are playing at Two Brothers Roundhouse on 3/22, supporting headliner Blind Adam and the Federal League as they play their 7" release show.

Each artist performed in the car on this episode. Respectively:

  • Blind Adam plays "Mansions on the Boulevard"
  • Caitlin Edwards plays a new song: "When the Lights Go On"
  • Sleeping Under 47 plays "I Don't Know"

Discussed this week:

  • Zak from Sleeping Under 47 would win a beard-off, if we had such a contest in the car.
  • We had multiple mishaps with the dashboard camera mount, the result was a "found footage"-like horror movie. We lost some valuable Blind Adam interview material as a result (though it lives forever in the Facebook Live video).
  • Adam and Zak both had Roundhouse Burgers: They loved them!
  • Zach had vegetables to make us all look like assholes.
  • Caitlin enjoyed her Steak Tacos.
  • I had the Brewer's Reuben; it's made with brisket. Holy crap!
  • The social awareness of Blind Adam. Is he "woke?"
  • The origin of "Blind Adam."
  • Bouncing Souls' role in Blind Adam's evolution as a person and musician.
  • Caitlin gives her musical history.
  • The warmth of the scene: Three different bands coexist in one car, and one stage!
  • Sleeping Under 47's 17-year history: Did I play them when I worked on the Zone in the early aughts?
  • "I Don't Know" is one of the best Sleeping Under 47 songs, and its background is heavier than you might expect on first listen.
  • Two Brothers Roundhouse is like an adult playground.

Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.