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Car Con Carne

Aug 7, 2017

This week, it's a trip to Seafood City Supermarket (5033 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630) with my colleague/stand-up comedian Kevin Kellam (101 WKQX).

Before we started the podcast, we did a walking tour of the sorts of things Seafood City sells. Need a package of blood? How about bile? Kevin was ill-prepared for what we discovered, and you can see that video here:

As for the podcast, we had to decide which of the dedicated eateries within Seafood City (Crispy Town, Grill City, Jollibee) to get dinner from. To keep things in Kevin's comfort zone, we grabbed Chickenjoy from Jollibee. It was SPICY AF. 

Covered on this show:

  • If it doesn't have a GMO, Kevin says "no."
  • "I eat the same way a 12-year-old boy eats."
  • The punishing aspect of the Chickenjoy. While it is "Chickenlicious," their version of hot is too damn hot. I had a hard time talking after I had a couple bites.
  • The odd orange hue of the Chickenjoy, which vaguely resembles Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos.
  • How Kevin started in Chicago's comedy scene.
  • Our failed TV pilots.
  • My son's first encounter with Kevin, who was completely in his element.
  • Kevin's absolute fanaticism with professional wrestling ("Shakespeare for the masses").
  • Why Ravinia completely sucks.
  • The most embarrassing sucking up I've ever seen in radio.
  • The shocking fashions at Lollapalooza.
  • Kevin's upcoming gig at the Shithole.

This week's show is sponsored by the excellent people at BOOST MOBILE!