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Car Con Carne

Sep 22, 2018

13-Monsters members and co-organizers of the annual Baconstock event in Romeoville, Deb and Jamie, join me at this year's Baconstock for conversation about:

  • Why is Deb wearing a stocking cap?
  • 13-Monsters is "all about hats." 
  • The birth of Baconstock: It started as a birthday gift?
  • Some very clear examples that prove we're not in Chicago raise their hands.
  • Is Jamie a redneck? "I'm a city boy, but I moved out far just to have fun."
  • Waze is constantly drunk.
  • Why success is build on the Talking Heads song "Found a Job."
  • 13-Monsters history.
  • The joy of the Hamburglars.