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Car Con Carne

Aug 23, 2018

The men of the amazing Chicago band Moon (Shen, David and Chris) jumped in the car for tacos at "Jolly Science;" or, more accurately, Taco El Jalisciense (2859 W Chicago Ave). Before playing a killer acoustic version of their new song "Wish List," we discussed:

  • David's blinding eating speed.
  • I should only book trios for the Mazda 3. If I were to record with Mucca Pazza, I'd need a bigger Mazda. Also? Mucca Pazza would be awesome on Car Con Carne.
  • Moon's almost 10-year history.
  • Moon's new release, "Extinction." Where does it come from?
  • The scariness of the nightly news.
  • Napkin-sharing turns into "Hunger Games."
  • The rib-eye tacos are waaaay better than expected.
  • "There's Light Here" is a monster song, and it was very frustrating for David to figure out the guitar part for.
  • My failed attempt to see Pearl Jam and time spent in the Claustrophobic Confines.
  • My guilty pleasure vinyl-buying trip, done under the cover of night.
  • Eddie Vedder: Quintessential frontman.
  • Was there ever a concern about band-name-Googleability?
  • My sweet new Aiwa Arc-1 headphones.
  • The band played their first-ever acoustic song... and it was a show-stopper.
  • My low end is finally recognized.