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Car Con Carne

Nov 30, 2016

Legendary Chicago radio DJ Johnny Mars (WXRT) jumps in the car for a (gasp) vegetarian meal at Amitabul (6207 N Milwaukee Ave). We cover a lot of things, including: *Amitabul provides no napkins with carry-out ("that's what pants are for") *Johnny's move to veganism after hard living in the 80s *My move away from vegetarianism after hearing the steak sizzle at Ruth's Chris *XRT in the 80s ("There was a lot of pot smoking. There was a lot of cocaine, as well.") *The club scene of the 80s (Tut's, Smart Bar, 950... ) *Johnny's radio history, from the Loop to Texas to WXRT *My stripper name *Amitabul's food: Sure, there's no meat, but it's awfully tasty... *The car accident that caused me to use a rental car for this particular recording *Johnny being on the air the night John Lennon was killed *The situation at XRT when Johnny was fired and I awkwardly had to replace him *Johnny's all-time favorite album *The "good old days" of record store shopping Johnny Mars is a Chicago treasure. A GODDAMNED CHICAGO TREASURE, I tell you.