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Car Con Carne

Nov 17, 2023

Mars Williams, the incredibly talented saxophonist best known for his work with Liquid Soul and Psychedelic Furs, was diagnosed with ampullary cancer just under a year ago.


The cancer is awful, brutal and unforgiving, and his friends and collaborators are rallying behind him. Music for Mars is a benefit happening 11/25 at Metro, featuring Liquid Soul members, Jesse De La Pena, members of Psychedelic Furs, Jeff Coffin of DMB, Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses and Ike Reilly.


Ike Reilly joined me to talk about the event, and the impact of Mars’ music and personality. Mars Williams is a tremendous talent, and Ike drives the point home with stories and memories.


We also talk about Ike’s upcoming dates (including 12/22 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago), and Ike breaks the news about the forthcoming vinyl release of his breakthrough “Salesmen and Racists” album!



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