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Car Con Carne

Apr 5, 2016

I've known and adored fellow radio personality Tim Virgin for a very long time. For this week's show, Tim met me at Herm's Palace, a long-standing hot dog joint in Skokie. I had the Polish sausage with pastrami, he had the fried salami. Here's what you'll learn in this episode: Chest hair doesn't grow as fast as facial hair. Tim's dark stools match his dark heart. Tim is a one-man Audubon Society. Everything good in life causes problems. We chat about the career paths we should have taken, the authenticity of Tim's voice, Coachella vs. Bonnaroo and Tim's time working in the record business. We also talk a lot about music (shocker), including lengthy discussion of Phil Collins-led Genesis, GnR, Rush, Yes and Adam and the Ants. Other highlights: "Those shorts are falling down her hips!" "The one with the beard is clearly a bear."