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Car Con Carne

May 24, 2017

Hot Doug's: The Movie is coming, and the guys behind the documentary are fantastically talented old friends of mine, Chris and Nick Markos. Along with the titular Hot Doug, Chris and Nick jumped in my car for gyros at Hub’s (You like-a the juice? The juice is good, eh?).

We talked about Hot Doug’s history, Hot Doug’s: The Movie and…

*Snack hot dogs: The value of getting an extra one for the road.

*”Sausage keeps a man young”...  “I saw that movie.”

*”What makes people wait in line for a couple hours to go to a restaurant?”

*Alinea. How does that prestigious restaurant fit in the conversation?

*We’re all 15-year-old boys: “I never get tired of the sausage double entendre”

*Hot Doug’s stand at Wrigley Field: “Did they give you a ring?”
*Doug’s favorite exotic sausage

*Doug hasn’t seen the documentary yet, but he’s fine with it “as long as the dogfight scene is taken out.”

*What was Nick thinking when he ordered chili?

*Hot Doug’s: The Movie themes of community, fandom and family

*The “R.I.P. Hot Doug’s” tattoo

*What’s the only thing Doug misses about running a restaurant?

*Doug knew his clients by name: Senator, chief, doctor

*My embarrassing sweet bread story from Spago

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