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Car Con Carne

May 14, 2017

Rejected headline/episode quote: "That guy was masturbating in my dad's suit."

My guest this week is Brant McCrea, writer and star of the indie horror/sci-fi film Chicago Rot (available for streaming at the usual places).

We eat tacos from Yoli's, where the cook handles all the tacos with his bare hands! It doesn't bother McCrea at all as he says, "I am a dirty person."

We talk about Chicago Rot, to which I comment, "I don't know what your movie is... it's nuts." McCrea replies, "(it's) too scary to be an art film, but too artsy to be a horror film."

Also on this week's show:

  • There's an early horchata casualty.
  • We talk about his beard: "I hide cigarettes in there."
  • The challenge creatives face when hustling for money.
  • The sleazy motel that served as a key location for the movie (hookers! drug dealers! voodoo practitioners!).
  • The stunning first-time talent of co-star Shira Barber. 
  • McCrea's acting challenges: "You're like Harrison Ford in 'The Fugitive.'"
  • The Boost Mobile Social Media Message of the Week from listener Steve Krok

Check out the tour of the Rot Shop from Brant McCrea!


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