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Car Con Carne

Mar 2, 2016

Martin Atkins played with Johnny Rotten/Lydon in Public Image, Ltd. He was a member of Killing Joke. He created the industrial rock supergroup Pigface (now celebrating its 25-year anniversary). He's played with Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. He's written indispensable books about the music industry (Tour:Smart, Band:Smart and Welcome to the Music Business: You're F****d!). And now, his career path has brought him to the front seat of my Mazda 3 to eat Italian Beef sandwiches at Fabulous Freddies in Bridgeport (not all that far from U.S. Cellular Field). Over the course of conversation, Atkins talks about his relationship with John Lydon (it's up and down). He also tells some amazing Pigface stories. For instance: A guy once played a shopping cart on stage; it was exactly what you'd expect. On the more scandalous tip, Martin once turned the tour bus over to a pair of newlyweds who did a lot of what newlyweds do. He talks about the music industry, writing process and a lifetime's worth of memories I can't help but be awed by. And I also discovered in this episode that Martin doesn't need water to survive; he sustains himself on au jus. Note: There are a few salty words in this week's show, but they sound really good and proper when Martin says them.