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Car Con Carne

May 22, 2018

The phenomenal suburban Chicago band Take the Reins joins me for dinner at Hamburger Heaven in Elmhurst (281 N York Rd, Elmhurst, IL 60126). Before you listen to this episode, make sure to listen to their recently-released "Addiction by Subtraction" album! In this episode, sponsored by BOOST MOBILE, we discuss:

  • The bitter blood feud in West Chicago between Scooby's Hot Dogs and the Cascade Drive-In
  • Where is band member Dave? The trunk.
  • The mystery of an olive burger: SOLVED.
  • The untouchable year Take the Reins is having.
  • Take the Reins history.
  • "Addiction by Subtraction" and its vinyl badassery.
  • Is "Addiction by Subtraction" addiction themed?
  • Elmhurst: The City of No Mufflers.
  • People suck on the road. Specifically, River North during rush hour.
  • Road rage gone wrong.
  • The Take the Reins live itinerary, including April's opening slot for Lucky Boys Confusion at Metro.
  • Working with "Mr. Precision" and AM Taxi/LBC's Adam Krier on the band's sound.
  • LBC's Adam Krier: Does he actually like me?
  • The hindsight and frontsight of root beer floats.
  • I come to the sad revelation that my podcast is my social life.
  • Fighting "dairy throat."
  • "The Summer Fist Tour": You loved the movie, now enjoy the tour.