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Car Con Carne

Sep 25, 2017


I'm joined by three of the stars of "Peep Show," a burlesque revue currently running in Chicago. Performers Sauda Namir, Kevlar B. Lightning (The curvy cutie with a bulletproof booty) and Big Daddy met me for ice cream at George's in Andersonville, an we talked about:

  • I ordered pumpkin ice cream, because I'm a basic bitch.
  • The origins of Sauda and Kevlar's names
  • How Sauda and Kevlar started in burlesque
  • The evolution of burlesque in Chicago in the 21st century
  • Sauda's role in the horror flick "Dig Two Graves" (streaming on Netflix!)
  • Big Daddy's a fancy gentleman
  • I took another opportunity to plug "The Invitation"
  • What's the audience like at a burlesque show?
  • Are "mercenary shows" dangerous?