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Car Con Carne

Mar 28, 2016

A daring escape from Cuba! A daring yoga escape! An escape from typical mall food! Chicago's broadcasting power couple, Bob Sirott and Marianne Murciano, join the show for lunch at 90 Miles in Lincolnwood. It's the third location for the Cuban restaurant, tucked away in an otherwise depressing mall (e.g. Kohls, Auntie Anne's, Family Chiropractic). The cool, kitchy decor of 90 Miles doesn't match the rugged charms of the Mazda 3, so Sirott and Murciano jump in the car to talk about: *Their new-ish website ( *How Marianne's family escaped from Cuba *Suburban mall rankings *Marianne's pet monkey *Hot dogs (Bob names his favorite places, which totally line up with some of mine) *Taking feedback from radio/TV bosses *The secret to blogging and podcasting success *Whether Bob slid into yoga pants on a recent yoga retreat As a bonus, listen as Marianne slid into "mom mode" when she saw me spill all over myself.