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Car Con Carne

Dec 4, 2017

This week, I'm joined by my very funny colleagues Abe Kanan (WLUP-FM, Abe Kanan on Hold), Tim Virgin (WLUP-FM) and Bass (WLS-AM).

We ate at Chicago's famous home of the breaded steak sandwich, Ricobene's (252 W 26th St, Chicago, IL 60616). Abe and Bass are long-time customers; this was a first time for Tim and me.

We start out by putting the opening of the podcast on Facebook Live. I somehow launch it with a lightning effect that I can't turn off. Long story short, lightning shot out of our eyes and sandwiches for the entire time we were on camera ("We look like superheroes; this is like our origin story").

Also covered on this show:

  • How should one eat a Ricobene's steak sandwich? Abe: "By a sink, and you should be able to take your shirt off, too."
  • The shady Ricobene's parking lot. As Bass said, "If you look to the left, you'll see my car's tires getting put on cinder blocks."
  • Abe and Bass's incredible, built-on-timed-defecation, Fogo de Chao dining strategy
  • My stage fright about going #2 in public
  • Strategies for going #2 while at work
  • Why does Abe have a gym membership? Bathroom access at all times.
  • Abe's master strategy for sanitizing public toilets
  • The work of art that is the Burger King Farmhouse sandwich
  • "Cleaning the beef machine"
  • We kill the Facebook stream about 15 minutes in, and keep going. The conversation gets even more entertaining from there...
  • Tim's summary? "Best sandwich in the world"
  • Thanksgiving recap: Ways turkey doesn't suck and how I saved the day with pumpkin pie
  • The pros of owning a Weber kettle grill
  • The day the fire trucks had to respond to an emergency at my house
  • My love of foam parties
  • Tim's recent surgery, and why it's a miracle that he could even think about eating at Ricobene's
  • Abe: "Did you all take a Prilosec before we did this?"
  • The maudlin mourning of celebrities on Facebook
  • The extreme lack of interaction radio personalities (other than Tim Virgin) have with celebrities 
  • "Rest in glory, my brother!"
  • What's up with the dude walking by the car in army fatigues? Tim: "Everybody's safe, I got my CCW license last week."
  • "What's the most f-ed up thing you ever ate?" A PUFFIN?
  • The sex appeal of the Boost Mobile-branded Mazda 3
  • Why Abe and Bass dine like visitors to the "jerk-off booths" of old
  • Our next destination as a foursome: Kaufman's in Skokie