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Car Con Carne

Nov 10, 2018

Bruce Iglauer, founder of iconic blues record label Alligator Records, joins me for an in-depth conversation about the blues, his label and excellent new book ("Bitten by the Blues"). Over tacos from Flaco's Tacos (1116 20 W Granville Ave, Chicago, IL 60660), we discuss:

  • The gut punch of the Epilogue.
  • Blues teaches anatomy.
  • How can the blues evolve and stay vital?
  • Bruce's early days of hitting the west and south side Chicago clubs.
  • "Belly rubbing music."
  • Tornzo Cannon's new album, and day job driving a CTA bus around street violence.
  • The three different levels "Bitten by the Blues" can be read on.
  • The prevalence of booze on the blues scene: "It was part of the basic culture of the blues."
  • Koko Taylor, and Bruce's relationship with her.
  • The Rolling Stones and their public persona, as perceived by the blues community.
  • Buddy Guy, pre-Checkerboard Lounge.
  • "There's nothing like being the hero of a real trainwreck."