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Car Con Carne

Nov 30, 2019

Kaustubh "Stubhy" Pandav (Lucky Boys Confusion) and Brad Chagdes (Hoodie Life) join Car Con Carne this week to discuss Stubhy's recent MS diagnosis and the upcoming benefit event, "MS SUCKS." (Side note: I'm emceeing the event!)

Thanks to our friends at Casa Indigo for providing the fantastic tacos and chorizo fries!


  • Kaustubh's adjustment to life with MS.
  • How Brad and bandmates reacted to the diagnosis.
  • Kaustubh is known as an "invisible" in the MS community.
  • How has MS affected Stubhy's ability to perform?
  • Casa Indigo is part of Kaustubh's healing.
  • The Bottom Lounge event on 12/21/19.
  • The lessons Kaustubh took from his father and applied to facing multiple sclerosis.
  • People with MS who've reached out to Kaustubh since he announced his diagnosis.
  • "MS is one of those diseases (where)... you don't get anything back."
  • The "tinkle clock" ticks faster when you have MS.
  • Car Con Carne first! We get hit by a dipshit who didn't know how to park his Highlander (23:25-ish). "Not even the Highlander needs a Highlander."
  • Kaustubh and Brad kept the podcast going as I inspected the car.
  • Do Kaustubh and Adam Krier (Lucky Boys Confusion) like each other?
  • I'm a nihilist.
  • Brad was busted looking stoic.
  • MS Sucks will be an annual event.
  • What dealing with insurance is like when you have MS.
  • Kaustubh's MS-fueled need to pee brought the show to a close.

This episode is presented by NERF HERDER at Reggie's on December 7: MERRY PUNKIN' CHRISTMAS!