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Car Con Carne

Oct 29, 2018

"The punk kids didn't like us very much... and the kids who were into the math-y/emo type stuff... we were like 'fart and dick joke' guys (to them). We never really fit in anywhere."

Sidekick Kato was a major force on the Chicago music scene in the 1990s, a true "band's band." I never thought I'd see the day when Sidekick Kato reunited, and yet... here we are. The band got back together for two shows, a warm-up at Epic Deli (2616 Schaid Ct, McHenry) and the "official" reunion show at Chop Shop next week. 

They jumped in the Mazda for Epic Deli appetizers before their warm-up. Discussed on this week's show:

  • The Greek fries. I would eat them every time, if I could.
  • Why did Sidekick Kato break up in the first place? And why did the band get back together? (Spoiler warning: Tim from Rise Against had something to do with it.)
  • The band's impact on the Chicago 90s scene.
  • The band's second album, which has been consigned to oblivion and is largely unfindable.
  • Sidekick Kato singer Tom Anderson: "I'm surprised I'm alive... I'm a pretty lucky guy."
  • What would happen if you ate at Epic Deli every day, every meal, for a week?
  • Was it awkward getting back together?
  • The enduring talent of The Jesus Lizard's David Yow.
  • The Addisons try to crash the recording.
  • Des Plaines hot dog joints: Paradise Pup and Rand Red Hots.
  • My relationship with Sidekick Kato in the 1990s.
  • "We've always just kinda been... shitheads."