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Car Con Carne

Jul 22, 2021

The man behind the delicious food menu of Cobra Lounge, Chef Jason Gilmore, joined me to talk about his food creations.


In addition to chatting about current favorites like the “Jerk Store” sandwich and buffalo cauliflower, we also talked about his epic soup creations (hot dog! Italian beef!).


We dug into the Jerk Store and Chicago Hot Chicken sandwiches during the recording. The Hot Chicken was spiced perfectly... not obnoxiously hot, but with enough heat to let you know what you're eating. The Jerk Store may very well be my new favorite sandwich. Chef explained all the flavors involved in putting that one together.

Cobra Lounge is at 235 N. Ashland. Go there. Support their staff. Drink their beer. And definitely eat their food.

Car Con Carne is sponsored by Siren Records McHenry