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Car Con Carne

Jun 20, 2016

"Media gadfly" Scott Smith (@ourmaninchicago) greeted me at the Original Rainbow Cone on S. Western Avenue with a bag of burgers from nearby Top Notch Burgers. He wanted to make sure I enjoyed the "full Beverly experience." Scott loves promoting the Beverly area to the point where I can't believe he hasn't run for mayor there. Yet. We tore through the burgers before walking into Rainbow Cone. And really, the burgers were enough food for the night. But this being Car Con Carne, it was important to push ahead and eat ice cream for the show. And the Rainbow Cones were well worth it. Scott dropped all sorts of Rainbow Cone knowledge, from the history of the "Palmer House" flavor to the proper way to eat a Rainbow Cone without it dripping everywhere. We also talked about the state of journalism today and where it's going five years from now. He talked about the demise of his last media job, working for the defunct TV news company TouchVision and things he learned there ("understand exactly where the money's coming from"). We also couldn't stop looking at a happy Labrador Retriever eating ice cream. We named it tronc.