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Car Con Carne

Feb 24, 2016

This week's guests are Herb Rosen (owner of Liar's Club & musician: Rights of the Accused and Beer Nuts) and Kelly Galassi (bartender/charitable soul). We visit Dante's Pizza at 2825 N. Milwaukee for a trio of ginormous slices. As Kelly says, "You've gotta do the New York fold." First up: We talk about the "Benefit for Flint" happening at Liar's Club (1665 W. Fullerton) on Sunday 2/28. Bring water. Bring money for water. They're going to drive it to Michigan after the benefit. Kelly came up with the idea; she's cool. And then there's Herb, a man with an almost supernatural level of charisma. Speaking of supernatural, Is Liar's Club haunted? Everyone seems to think so. It was even on T.V. At the very least, it's a confirmed fact that a guy killed his wife with a hatchet there "back in the day." Herb talks about his rock and roll history, from his days in the Chicago scene of the 90s to the rock scene at Liar's Club (why was Josh Homme hiding upstairs one night?). I make a comic book metaphor to describe Liar's Club. It meets with Herb's approval. Also in the show, we learn from Herb's experience that flatulence ruins any hiding-from-the-police moment. And finally, who is Tim Murphy, and does he listen to Car Con Carne?