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Car Con Carne

Nov 20, 2022

Skeleton Key Brewery (8102 Lemont Road in Woodridge) is a fantastic craft brewery with a variety of inventive and delicious beers. That’s where this episode was recorded, as co-owner Paul Slayton and I were joined by musician Henry Scherrer (The Spectral Silhouette Radio Show, Black Bolts, Jukebox JBC).

Discussed in this episode:

  • The horrible tornado that destroyed Skeleton Key, and the subsequent 11-month rebuild.
  • Why the craft brewing scene is the opposite of what people might expect.
  • The vibe, approach and sensibility of Skeleton Key.
  • Henry’s creation of the Spectral Silhouette Radio Show, and its evolution to the live stage and podcasting platforms.
  • The next appearance of the Spectral Silhouette Radio Show at Skeleton Key (12/15/22).
  • Future plans for the Spectral Silhouette.
  • Bar food: You’ve gotta go with horseradish cheese and crackers.


I enjoy the hell out of Paul and Henry. I hope you’ll listen to this episode, and then check out both Skeleton Key and the Spectral Silhouette Radio Show!


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