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Car Con Carne

Jul 29, 2018

One of Chicago's most beloved musicians, Frank Orrall of Poi Dog Pondering, jumps in the car in advance of his solo show at City Winery (8/2/18). City Winery is always a cool place to hang out. Go see a show there (like Frank Orrall solo). Or just go for the food and wine. Just go: 1200 W Randolph.

This episode, sponsored by Boost Mobile, finds us talking about:

  • Frank's "down" with duck tacos.
  • "We're breaking the fish barrier tonight."
  • City Winery to go? It's a Frank Orrall thing.
  • I'm introduced to burrata cheese. WOW.
  • There's nothing "rock star" about Frank (other than his rock star shirt).
  • Frank's culinary "Chef Franc" identity, where he goes to people's homes, cooks for them, and plays for them.
  • The time Poi Dog appeared on Letterman in the early 90s: "I was exhilarated... I was pretty reckless in those days... ."
  • Frank used to be a Pesch-catarian, only eating Joe Pesci.
  • "We don't know what we're eating, and we love it."
  • Poi Dog's declaration of independence: "Pomegranate."
  • With as many people who've played in Poi Dog through the years, how can Frank know for sure that I didn't play in the band at one point?
  • Next year's the 30th anniversary of Poi Dog!
  • I eat gazpacho without a spoon: Sexy.
  • Are there songs Frank/Poi Dog ever get tired of playing?
  • Frank/Poi Dog's relationship with Chicago.
  • New Poi Dog music: On the way!