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Car Con Carne

Dec 17, 2021

Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts/Million Miler is one of my favorite guests. He’s a mega-talented guy with an enviable list of accomplishments (Grammy & Tony nominee, VMA nominee, Teen Choice winner), but he’s still the humble, hard-working, midwestern guy he’s always been.


He jumped in my car to talk about his record label’s upcoming holiday special: The Humans Were Here Holiday Extravaganza, happening live Sunday night (12/19). Get tickets at

We talked about his label, making music, the divergent 80s path of Million Miler and what’s next for the Ts. We also talked a lot about music, which is always easy to do with Tom.


As for dinner tonight? We were lucky to have our meal provided by the amazing people of Buona. We ate at the Countryside location (20 W. Plainfield). I had the beef & giardiniera pizza, and I swear I could eat that every day for the rest of my life.


Look, the clock’s ticking. The holidays are coming up, and if you still haven’t figured out food for your office party… your house party… your gathering of friends… let Buona take care of everything. They cater. You party. Try their signature Italian beef as a ready-made sandwich… or a side of delicious rigatoni marinara.. Starting at 12.95 per person… be a hero this holiday season, and feed your guests Buona!