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Car Con Carne

Feb 27, 2018

Chicago actor Mickey O'Sullivan jumps in the car for diner food from his favorite place, The Golden Apple (2971 N. Lincoln). I was lucky to steal time with Mickey, he's super busy these days playing "Chef Dan" on "The Chi" on Showtime. Related: GREAT SHOW. Watch it here!

In this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we talk about:

  • Mutual friend Anthony from Black Bear Rodeo, a fabulous Oak Lawn-based band (Spartans represent!)
  • The important role Golden Apple's played in Mickey's life.
  • Mickey used to live out of his Jeep. Literally. "Times are tough for working actors."
  • Sparky's diner in Skokie: "They have not reinvested into the restaurant."
  • I got the Monte Cristo. I didn't see it on the menu, but diner rules say Golden Apple had to have one.
  • WHY DID I ORDER FRENCH ONION SOUP? WHO EATS FRENCH ONION SOUP IN A CAR? And why is the soup so delicious? "This is the Golden Apple, baby. Everything's delicious."
  • "The Chi" and Mickey's character, Chef Dan. Is Chef Dan a jerk? "Chef Dan's all about getting the best out of his employees."
  • "The Chi": Explained and broken down. "It shows the whole community and it shows the family that lives next door."
  • We're Columbia College alums!
  • My time teaching at Columbia.
  • Mickey's TV wife, Kristina Emerson. Maybe they should get married in real life.
  • What's in a Monte Cristo (a fried ham and cheese sandwich, a variation of the French croque-monsieur)? And why am I not a ******* Monte Cristo expert?
  • How did Mickey get on "The Chi?"
  • Mickey's comedic training.
  • Our not-so-good Michael Shannon stories. Michael Shannon is THE MAN.
  • O'Sullivan's upcoming film "Captive State," starring John Goodman. John Goodman is also THE MAN.
  • How important is it to diet when you play a chef on TV? Not.
  • Mickey's advice for up-and-coming Chicago actors: "It has to be your priority."

Mickey's the coolest, and this episode is a great way to become familiar with him and his work. And please, do yourself a favor and check out "The Chi" when you're done listening to this episode.

Thanks also to Mike Sanow for hanging out for this episode!