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Car Con Carne

Nov 19, 2017

Rick and Nick from Mexican Werewolf join me for this year's Thanksgiving episode, recorded at Vaughan's Pub & Grill (5485 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL 60630). 

In this Boost Mobile-sponsored show we discuss:

  • The "Irish as ****-ness" of Vaughan's
  • The John Carpenter filmography
  • The deliciousness of Vaughan's food. That corned beef sandwich was amazing.
  • The birth of Mexican Werewolf
  • That time they got a midget stripper for a bachelor party. It's a short story.
  • The lack of women at Mexican Werewolf shows
  • Rick's unabashed love for the Misfits
  • The band's nerdiness, which sadly doesn't extend to MST3K
  • Mexican Werewolf's Thanksgiving plans
  • My birthday occasionally falls on Thanksgiving. When it does, I say "**** you, Pilgrims."
  • Are Rick and Nick both ManBQue?
  • My late-to-the-game binging of Breaking Bad