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Car Con Carne

Feb 13, 2018

Illustrator and artist of countless death metal album covers, Matt "Putrid" Carr, joins me for Taco in a Bag (4603  N. Lincoln Avenue). Special thanks to Taco in a Bag owner Patrick Bertoletti for the hospitality and amazing food! And thanks to Car Con Carne's official sponsor, Boost Mobile, for making this episode possible.

  • Matt likes horror and comic books: "How are we not already best friends?"
  • The relative weight of Taco in a Bag: "I want to roll this down a lane and knock pins down with this."
  • My behind-the-counter interview with Taco in a Bag owner Patrick Bertoletti
  • Matt tried the Mikerib Deluxe; I had the Angry Bird.
  • My bar for good food: Does it come in a bag?
  • "Your Diet Coke doesn't smell like Diet Coke... It wouldn't possibly be Old Style."
  • My Madison road trip that diverted to the Beef Jerky Outlet.
  • Would artisanal jerky work in Logan Square?
  • Just as we were wrapping up the Facebook Live feed, Bertoletti dropped by the car with AMAZING KEY LIME PIE DONUTS.
  • Patrick's work as a competitive eater
  • When did Matt start becoming the go-to guy for death metal artwork?
  • Matt's influences, including EC Comics, Berni Wrightson and Warren horror magazines.
  • Our early childhood experiences seeing "Alien" for the first time.
  • Why moving to Chicago 13 years ago was the perfect decision.
  • What would Matt do if Maroon 5 asked him to do an album cover?
  • Manowar: "You can't fuck with those guys."
  • Matt's all-time favorite horror movies.
  • The best horror movie anthologies.
  • Why create b&w art?