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Car Con Carne

Apr 19, 2017

Jason Schultejann and Kaustubh Pandav of Lucky Boys Confusion jump in the Mazda 3 for a trip to Fatso's Last Stand (2258 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622). We talked about: *Their record release show at HOB (it was "inspiring" and "elevated") *The art of communicating on stage *LBC history ("You guys have been through some shit") *How the band's evolution led to the new album "Stormchasers" *The biggest thing in making good music? It's not what you think. *Producer Johnny K.'s involvement with the band *Impossibly thin band member Adam Krier *The songwriting process: Like a reverse "ascent of man" *A review of my history with LBC *Lucky Boys Confusion's record industry experiences in the late 90s/early 00s *Late bandmember Joe Sell: What would he think of the new album and the band's perseverance? And the whole thing ends with an in-car performance of "Stormchaser!"