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Car Con Carne

Dec 23, 2018

Two guests! Two live performances! Amazing!

To wrap up 2018, Hi Ho (Gillian McGhee) and OUTDrejas joined me for conversation and live performances inside a CX-5 on the showroom floor of The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston. It was an amazing day for the podcast, and a thrill to record at the Autobarn Mazda of Evanston. We'll definitely be doing this again! Here's what you'll hear in this episode:

Hi Ho segment



  • Gillian's 101 Dalmatians sweater and its long history in her wardrobe.
  • What would Gillian eat, if we were allowed to eat in a new car on a showroom floor?
  • The evolution of Hi Ho and Turnspit.
  • Hi Ho took a backseat to Turnspit for a while. GILLIAN'S IN A LITERAL BACKSEAT. OMG.
  • Gillian's moment on stage with Rise Against ("I sobbed for 20 minutes afterwards").
  • "Were you a fat five-year-old?"
  • What's up with that t-shirt that has Gillian's young emo face on it?
  • Gillian's upcoming west coast tour ("basically not men").
  • Gillian beat me to my Dad joke.




  • OUTDrejas is the only band who would tolerate having the "Santa" filter added to our Facebook Live.
  • OUTDrejas does an awful cover version of the podcast theme song. Sorry, Josh Caterer of Smoking Popes.
  • Why are there no clams?
  • I spent the weekend with OUTDrejas.
  • I don't know if I can explain what OUTDrejas is.
  • David Drejas is a MASTER of "The Office" trivia.
  • The secret origin of OUTDrejas.
  • The differences between the Vietnam War and OUTDrejas's travel itinerary. There were no parades when OUTDrejas came back, either.
  • How can we further the Chicago scene? 
  • "Promise" is a must-hear OUTDrejas song.
  • Recording in the CX-5 is a spiritual journey.
  • OUTDrejas's web domain is seriously, no joke, not making this up...