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Car Con Carne

Jun 26, 2016

What's it like having cancer? "Everybody wants to tell you how good you look... but really you know you don't look very good. You look like you have cancer." My guests this week are Dan Olas, who at the age of 37 was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He's a survivor, and President of the Associate Board for Gilda's Club. Dan jumped in the Mazda 3 for a trip to Lazo's Tacos at 2009 N. Western to talk about this year's 'Gildapalooza' event (7/7 at Columbia Yacht Club). He even brought along Chris from King & Kash, an Elvis/Johnny Cash tribute band playing at Gildapalooza. He plays a Cash tune from the backseat. We talk a lot about Gilda's Club. I ask,"Is the price of admission a diagnosis?" Dan replies, "It's kind of a steep price..." There's a lot of talk about how to deal with a diagnosis, and how deeply it affected Dan's life. There's also a lot of positive talk, and a story about a woman named Joan you won't soon forget.