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Car Con Carne

Jul 3, 2018

Repeat guest Tyler Wildey, proprietor of Epic Deli (2616 Schaid Ct, McHenry, IL 60050) is my guest for 4th of July week. We talk about his restaurant, the restaurant business, music and the insanely delicious food that comes out of Epic's kitchen. Discussed this week:

  • Made-to-order fresh chicharrones (fried pig skin).
  • "I've been trying to lose weight... let's undo that."
  • Tyler's undying support for restaurateurs across the city and suburbs.
  • We got lots of comments and questions on the Facebook Live stream, which we answer on the podcast.
  • The JVO Sandwich: "Technically, it is a sandwich."
  • The single from the short-lived punk band Bedwetter, which Tyler was in with Tod Pot from Apocalypse Hoboken.
  • The Orange Chicken Ramen!
  • The restaurant's liquor license and the red tape involved.
  • Epic Deli's appearance on the smash hit Showtime show "The Chi" (featuring Chicago actor without peer Mickey O'Sullivan).
  • Epic Deli's customers are like collectors.
  • Tyler is like a hunter-gatherer.
  • "I'm already full... he's trying to kill me. Maybe this is my cry for help."