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Car Con Carne

Jan 19, 2019

Actor Mickey O'Sullivan ("The Chi") comes back to the podcast to talk about his TV and film career over hot dogs at Byron's (1701 W. Lawrence). Also joining us is another return guest: Mike Payne, owner of Byron's!

As we get ready to watch Mickey return to Chicago P.D. on 1/30, we discuss:

  • Mickey's old days of walking down the Ravenswood area talking to himself.
  • The Byron's delivery to the White House several years back (for real).
  • The Byron's spin on the classic "Chicago dog."
  • Season One of "The Chi" - Not enough Mickey O'Sullivan.
  • Showtime shoots their shows on a cell phone. I think.
  • Mickey's upcoming appearance on "Chicago P.D." on 1/30. Mickey says it's going to be a controversial episode.
  • Mickey is like the Stan Lee of "Chicago P.D."
  • Mickey used to sharpen skates at Johnny's Ice House.
  • Netflix as a distribution point: "We're going through a content boom."
  • The overwhelming business of buying a ring.
  • I surprised Mickey with some of the worst movie scripts ever made, which resulted in him reading from "Leprechaun in the Hood." It was glorious. And it starts at the 23:40-ish mark.
  • What was the shittiest audition Mickey's ever been on?

Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.